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 Tony Bertolotti

 Tony Bertolotti gets "top billing" in our Featured Artist section.

Tony Bertolotti, one of a handfull of the most studied world class musicians only need be introduced by his bio:

Toured with joe simon warner bros. undisputed truth. sideman for joey dee, chubby checker, arthur conly, len barry, frank sinatra, sly stone, springsteen, bill hayleys comets.

Recording work
nashville plantation records, horn section work for various artists Almost incomprehensible to most people 

Richards lounge sessions: odean pope, richard beirach. john abercrombie, jack walrath, edgar bateman, david sanborn, dave holland, david liebman, albert dailey, alex foster, chris braun, barry altchul, tom harrell, jimmy heath, charles mcpherson, this is a partial list, the masters left out are not by design. also not including whatever sidemen on the set.

Conn.session includes mike and randy brecker, buzzy feiten and others.

Chet bakers broken wing album was written by richard beirach after a serious accident Tony had in 76 involving his arm years of recovery.

Musical comp. study was with dennis sandole. saxophone, lee konitz, joe allard. Gerald carboy, bass. johnny g reo, drums. james damiano, song writer. Milton russ, master percussionist are lifelong friends.

"Wicked World"

Music by Tony Bertolotti

Words & Vocals by James Damiano

The next to the last time James Damiano recorded songs, Bob Dylan stole them. During the Plagiarism law suit Bob Dylan stole more of them through his attorneys and the Judge.

James got tired of Bob Dylan Stealing his songs, so he called an old friend of his Tony Bertolotti. Who is Tony Bertolotti? Tony is one of a handful of the most studied world class musicians, who agrees with Joni Mitchell's accussations of Bob Dylan's plagiarsms.

Tony's suggestion was brilliant, which was for James to change his genre of music. Thus disabling Bob Dylan from stealing James Damiano's songs.

The Tony Bertolotti and James Damiano songwriting union is a statement which should be defined only by the morals of it's viewers.

James States that it is one of the greatest honors of his life to have Tony Bertolotti writing rhythm tracks for him.

As eclectic as Tony is Tony states that he enjoyed writing rhythm tracks for James's new work hence "Wicked World" is an invite to Bob Dylan to change his ways.

Disclaimer: Tony's just saying, in the pieces recorded with James Damiano's vocals and lyrics the saxophone will yield.  idon'tknownothinlol

"Wicked World "

Music by Tony Bertolotti

Words & Vocals by James Damiano

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