Eyolf Ostrem

 Eyolf Ostrem is the  self proclaimed musicologist who has without Bob Dylan's knowledge permission  or awareness taken on the task of refuting James Damiano's expert musicologist Dr. Greene who graduated Magma Cum Laud from Harvard.

Mr. Ostrem must believe that Bob Dylan can not afford a musicologist. We have on numerous times invited Mr. Ostrem to come and debate the issues of fact with us yet he refuses to.

We have been in correspondence with him in music forums in front of many people and he suggested we go into private messaging.

The following correspondence has occurred between James Damiano and Eyold Ostrem and James Damiano

Eyolf Ostrem, the self proclaimed, tone deaf wanna be Dylan musicologist is afraid to come here an debate the issues of fact in the Dylan / Damiano plagiarism, law suit. So let me cite a few facts. Dylan or his attorneys have paid people in the past to follow Damiano around the internet and make derogatory remarks against Damiano. It is probable that  Mr. Ostrem is one of them.

Another fact Mr. Ostrem left out is that Dr. Greene's analysis was corroborated by Sebastian Courrier from Julliard and by John Bon Jovi's piano teacher Harold Frazee from Berkley School of Music. So the only conclusion left is that Eyolf Ostrem is truly tone deaf. like I said his music supports that theory.

I am also sure that with all Dylan's money he could have found a musicologist with "scholarly" credentials to present a comparative analysis to refute Dr. Greene's analysis if it were possible, however no musicologist has ever been presented. Reason being is that the two songs in question "Dignity" and "Steel Guitars" contain the exact melodic arc as per Dr. Greene.

The closest thing I could see that might fit the bill is Mr. Ostrem but that would be impossible due to his impaired audio perception and I doubt Dylan would ever deal officially with Mr. Ostrem.

Next Mr. Ostrem refuses to comment on any of the statements published on Mr. Damiano's website and that have been officially produced to the court and that were also uncontested by Dylan himself such as the following statement:

"It is judicially uncontested by Bob Dylan and or Bob Dylan’s law firms Manatt, Phelps & Phillips , Parcher Hayes & Snyder, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, Hecker Brown and Sherry, and Sony House Counsel that Bob Dylan and people in Bob Dylan’s entourage have solicited James Damiano’s songs and music for a period of over ten years and eleven months.

The fact that Mr. Ostem will not recognize the fact or comment on the above statement reveals his hypocrisy. I would also venture to say that Mr. Ostrem would also like to turn a deaf ear to the following statement and continue his crusade of bias against Damiano.

Again Mr. Ostrem refuses to address Damiano's published statement that has been produced to the court "The evidence in the Bob Dylan James Damiano Plagiarism Law suit was so incriminating to Bob Dylan that he entered a motion for a confidentiality order which was granted by Judge Joel B. Rosen and enforced by Judge Jerome B. Simandle designating all discovery materials confidential. Same behavior one would expect from Communist China."

So whoever get's the privileged opportunity to communicate with the "scholarly" Mr. Ostrem please have him address the mentioned issues in this message. Then we can go on to debate even more pertinent issues.

 My bet is that Mr. Ostrem will not post this note on his website because he is trying to hide the truth.

Last but not least Mr. Ostrem has made derogatory comments about Damiano's lawsuit against Dylan, has deleted Damiano's website link off his website and blocked Damiano from posting any facts that support Damiano's case. This is Eyolf Ostrem's definition of scholarly debate.

Ostrem has also blocked Damiano from his facebook page. On top of it all Mr. Ostrem threatened to sue Damiano for calling him a weasel................ imagine that.


Eyolf Ostrem refused to include the link below on his website 



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